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I’m From Driftwood (imfromdriftwood​) features a new LGBTQ story every Wednesday. Meet Rudy Garcia, a body positive LGBT feminist with a strong passion for DIY and the punk ‘zine scene! 

What song or band had a major influence on who you are today? What was your musical (sexual or political) coming out moment?


A bullied transgender student is being singled out to face criminal charges after confronting her harassers.

Sign the petition to demand the district attorney drop the charges.


This performance. So many feels.

In this episode of Glee, Unique faces challenges all too familiar to trans* and gender nonconforming students: having access to safe and respectful bathrooms and locker rooms. 

We don’t need a study to tell us that is a problem, but we’ve got one for folks who need some convincing.


A transgender student in Colorado is under attack simply for being herself. 

When a small group of parents objected to the student using the girls’ bathroom at school, her school supported her. But the anti-LGBT Pacific Justice Institute stepped in and made up a story that she was harassing girls in the bathroom. Conservative media like Fox News then spread the lies.

According to the school district and fellow students, the accusations are completely false, yet the girl has had to live with the harassment the stories have generated. She has even received death threats simply because she wants to be able to be herself and be safe in school.

Click here to send the student a message of support and here to learn more about Transgender Student Rights, GLSEN’s student-powered program supporting trans youth. 


Watch this fierce speech by our 2013 Student Advocate of the Year, Laila Al-Shamma

"Visible allies are incredibly important. I mean people who make their support know because I can’t tell just by looking at you if you’re an ally, just like you can’t tell by looking at me if I’m gay. […] But we have to realize that their love would be lost if they did not openly express. 

"So if no one around you knows that you are an ally, then you can’t claim that you’re an ally at all. Our parents, our friends, our teachers, our political leaders, our celebrities need to make their support well-known."


Ally Week Question: How does doing this work with allies enhance your projects and work towards creating change in your school and/or community?


What a night! The 2013 GLSEN Respect Awards - Los Angeles

We celebrated some amazing students and supporters working to make schools safer for all students. Check out videos of the speeches at glsen.org/respectawards

More to come!